Zancott Knight

Health and Safety Policy

Safety Is Our Overriding Priority

“Zancott Knight is committed to protecting the health and safety of all employees, service providers and visitors as the overriding priority. There will be no compromise of an individual’s well-being in anything we do, embracing sound principles of injury prevention, medical management, and equitable rehabilitation and claims services.

Consistent with this, the Company will comply with all applicable Health and Safety laws and regulations. The implementation of actions to help realise a healthy, safe and injury-free environment is a leadership responsibility. Continuing improvement and support of this effort is the responsibility of everyone as established in the Zancott Knight Health & Safety Management System. This effort will be led by the Zancott Knight Senior Leadership Team”

This Policy Statement is supported by the Zancott Knight WHS Standards, Policies and Procedures.

Cameron Buzzacott
Managing Director
Zancott Knight Pty. Ltd.
ACN 607 759 688
Creation date: 15-December-2015

The Zancott Knight Strategic HSE Plan focuses on and tracks several key elements for Safety, Health, and Environmental Excellence. The Roadmap to Success is part of the plan and is designated by three levels of progress:

  • Development of fundamental processes
  • Implementation of processes
  • Process maturity

Committed leadership is fundamental to ensuring each level is attained and maintained.

Our employees are "the face" of Zancott Knight and represent the company to our customers. As such, they must receive the most current safety training and education. This will distinguish them as elite within their respective disciplines. These educational means and methods will stand out from those of our competitors. They will create a learning environment, high employee morale, high quality work, and a sense that our employees are valuable to the organization. Nurturing our employees in such a manner will ensure they are knowledgeable, efficient, competent, and confident. This commitment to our employees will make us the employer of choice and enable us to attract and keep the best talent.

Our commitment to establishing and retaining a high quality workforce at every level that is nurtured by a robust safety program, allows us to consistently provide superior work at low cost and without injury. These efficiencies make us more economical and the logical Supplier of Choice to our customers.

Additionally, a successful and responsible supplier must also demonstrate an environmental commitment to our customers, our employees and our community. We must set forth and establish an environmentally sound "Green Plan". This plan is a way to show our stakeholders that we are making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint. We must educate our employees on "green" practices and put these practices in place. We want what we teach to become everyday habits of each employee at work and at home, to be spread to their families, their friends and their communities. Strict adherence to this philosophy will allow us to achieve our goal of becoming the supplier of choice for any potential customer and ultimately a benchmark company in the facilities management industry.